Hebei Dacheng Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd. is a diversified, comprehensive, has a comprehensive national Grade design company, long-term commitment to urban planning, large residential area, urban complexes, transportation, construction, exhibition centers, stadiums, museums , office, apartment, hotel, business, theaters, schools, industrial projects to provide professional design services, has established extensive cooperative customer base in the field of engineering consulting, master planning, landscape design, architectural design. The work distribution of Hebei, Beijing, Shanghai, Henan, Shandong, Sichuan and other places. Dacheng Company has always been to achieve perfection, is committed to discuss the latest solutions and construction technology, the company in building design, planning and engineering to meet the challenges. The culmination of the company's work to pursue a unique style and creativity, and to win all the professional focus of work attitude, seeking the most satisfactory solution, to reshape the urban architecture of the ideal and highly.

Dacheng company's existing professional and technical personnel more than 60 people, including a registered architect, a registered structural engineers, professional and technical backbone of various types of senior engineers, engineers, planners, water, heating, electricity, more than 50 people. Technical equipment is complete and suitable office space. The company has a building program, architectural design, structural design, integrated design, market and about the administrative apparatus, a total of seven file personnel department. Institutions set up for efficient management to provide effective protection.

Dacheng company creative staff of more than 20 years of domestic structural design work and overseas work experience, has won the national Luban, provincial superior, award, and departmental standards and design 12 third prize, with a wealth of experience in design practice, a strong innovation ability and management experience. Founded nearly a decade, has designed many projects. Public construction projects, including Shijiazhuang International Exhibition Center, Shijiazhuang popular Square, SEG Plaza, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei famous special agricultural products, Shijiazhuang Vocational College of Finance and Economics, Shijiazhuang City, a move Square complex, Shijiazhuang One mansion, the Shijiazhuang north drug Expo Garden, Shijiazhuang Jiuding fighting Museum, Hebei Digital Industrial Park, the General Staff office building, the Gaobeidian wow ha ha production base, Sichuan Century Plaza train station, the General Staff office, Sichuan Century Plaza train station, five-star Wanjie Plaza Hotel in Baoding, Handan Lucheng international Xingtai Hongxing America Chiron global household Square the Sanjiang Furniture City, Granville County, Ju Teng business center, etc.; housing projects, including the the Shijiazhuang Austrian North AD, north of the city landscape, Bolin Yi Park, the transformation of Hong Village, Jin Qiang Yuan, Four Seasons Fuyuan, Gold Coast Garden district, central time zone, Chinese domains City, Ming Xiu Park, Hirayama Shangpin Agile, Hirayama Jinhui era City, Baoding Kang Long Junjing, La Défense Metro, Yixian Royal Island, Dingzhou Zhongshan oasis such as Jin State of Lights International City, the Anxin Ming Pearl Regency, Shandong Xiajin Li Jing International City and so on.

In recent years, the culmination of positive cooperation with international and domestic well-known large-scale design company has accumulated rich experience in strategic cooperation. Including Australia's Woods Bagot design company, Wande design company, the joint creation of the International Architectural Design Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, Beijing IPPR International Engineering Design and Research Institute, China Aviation Industry Planning and Design Institute for the expansion of large urban public The construction and functional architectural design services to provide higher operating platform.